Empowering Your Training: The Shared Path of SingularWOD and Assault Fitness

Empoderando Tu Entrenamiento: El Camino Compartido de SingularWOD y Assault Fitness

Some time ago, in May 2016, SingularWOD immersed itself in an exciting adventure by becoming official partners of Assault Fitness , paving the way as authorized distributors for the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Since that crucial moment, we not only expanded our variety of products, but also showed a sincere commitment to growth, both in the national and Portuguese markets. We are truly excited to have shared this journey and to provide exceptional experiences to our beloved community.

From the renowned Assault Bike and Assault Rower to the prestigious Assault Runner , this collaboration marked a milestone in our history and committed us to offering the best in crosstraining and fitness.

So, since May 2016, we have been eager to continue collaborating and bringing unique moments to all of you, our incredible community. Join SingularWOD and Assault Fitness on this journey toward wellness and excellence in cardiovascular training. We are committed to offering the highest quality products and making a difference in the world of crosstraining. Let's relive this exciting stage in our history together!

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